Dear all London Brice Designs customers,

First of all, may we take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support through the years. We know that our customers are the most important part of our business, and will always be our primary concern. It is because of that we felt the need to put out the following statement.

As you will be aware, due to a temporary change in our personal circumstances, London Brice Designs took the decision to temporarily take a break from trading in late 2016. We are very sorry that we have been out of action for so long. However, we have been making some exciting changes to our range, and to our website, and we want to make sure that we do that properly, to the best advantage of our customers. We will be re-launching the business as soon as possible, and once again offering you the jewellery that we know so many of you love and have been asking about.

Unfortunately, while we have been reorganising our business, we have noted that a spate of negative reviews have appeared online. While we do not wish to escalate the situation by going into details, we can confirm that these reviews are not related to any business carried out by London Brice Designs. The reviews mention orders placed while we have not been trading, as well as mentioning postage prices that have never been charged by London Brice Designs. We are aware of the source of these reviews and the matter is being dealt with.

We are grateful that those customers who know us already are aware of the high quality of our goods and our commitment to excellent customer service.

If you would like further details about when we will resume trading you can contact us by phoning 07553 248041 or by emailing us at Info@londonbricedesigns.co.uk. We will be more than happy to assist you.